About KeyDB Support:

.KeyDB’s Customer Support Portal is used to create and track support tickets. You will have direct access to our support team/devs and you will be provided prioritized support to your issues.

Our support team understands the urgency production issues often require and will work with you regardless of the hours and time to get you up and running. Our personalized support and structure make getting a resolution to your issue streamlined and hassle free.


How it works:

Tickets are sent directly to our support team which is notified upon ticket creation.

This portal is the tracking hub for tickets, however once a ticket is generated (by you or KeyDB), correspondence through email is also adequate as tickets are linked to email and will be updated automatically.

Your cases are tracked and you can view them at any time. You will be sent update emails as the issue progresses. Go to “create new case” to create a new ticket, or go to the “cases” tab to see existing and/or closed tickets. If you upload a file, you will not see it right away but it will be stored on our server. Please specify in your message if you have attached a document to the ticket.

If you do not wish to log into the portal please send us your issue via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a new ticket will be automatically generated. Try to respond on the same email thread to ensure separate tickets are not created though.


KeyDB Support Availability:

Our typical working hours are 9am to 7pm Eastern time. However we will work outside of these hours depending on the issue urgency and needs. We are located in Toronto, ON, Canada and can easily travel locally. Remote travel will require coordination in advance. Once you are signed up with support you can reach out to us via phone/text/email/etc as well.